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101 Ways

Posted by cosmicfish on 2005-03-08 12:44:54
8 forum posts
In the January 24th issue of Macleans they did an article about 101 ways to save the environment and money. I don't want to post the whole article but here are some of the tips. I'm going to attempt a letter to the local paper encouraging people to try to be more environmentally friendly. If we all use less engery it will matter a tiny bit less where that engery is coming from. If we create less garbage then the demand for products with environmentally packaging goes up and it will take less engery to create less packaging...

Pick up and properly dispose of one piece of litter each day.
Buy food from local growers when you can.
Buy reusable food containers and avoid single serving size items.
Replace standard light bulbs with compact florescent bulbs.
You can save up to 50% of your cooking energy by using a microwave in stead of a conventional oven.
Don't let your car idle for more then 30 seconds. It takes less gas to turn it on and off then the let it idle for more than 10 seconds.

Some links about grants:

If anyone *is* interested in all 101 ways let me know.
  8 forum posts