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Review of Danny Deckchair

Posted by mike on 2005-03-29 11:19:27
For some reason I was compelled to rent this movie. I can't quite put my finger on whether it was the title, the cover, or that I was pretty screwed up when I went for movies.

I think the movie is Australian. The people in it certaininly seem to have Australian accents.

Anyway, the movie is some sort of romatic comedy. It seemed sappy, It could possibly classify as a chick flick of some sort. The odd part is that I really, really liked it. I mean I really liked it. It was just... great... for some reason.

Danny is some construction worker dude who has some crazy ideas. His girlfriend is a self-serving bitch, which he starts to figure out about 10 minutes into the movie. Danny isn't overly pleased by his life.

At a backyard barbeque Danny decides it will be amusing to tie giant baloons to a lawn chair to see if he can make it fly. It flies allright, and thanks to Danny's idiot friends he ends up floating away, getting lost, and becoming a national icon.

He winds up in some little town. Meets a girl, and everything becomes super-fantastic. There is a reason I don't write movie reviews.

Suffice it to say that if you are going to watch one Australian movie about a guy flying away in a lawn chair this year, you'd best make it Danny Deckchair.

I really liked this movie.

Perhaps the greatest part was that the people in the movie were not the uber-beautiful Hollywood types, which to me added something (they looked more like everyday people). As near as I could tell they were all good actors though.