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Posted by fanoom on 2005-03-30 19:28:57
8 forum posts
First off I was just watching an episode of engineering the impossible on Discovery (yes I watch that channel constantly). What they were trying to do is build a tower that would house 60,000 people that they could live and work in. Blah blah blah, building material, blah blah blah, 10 billion dollars, blah blah blah new technology.

Now I began thinking about typical building materials. Now it is steel and concrete, it used to be brick and stone, before that wood. Now strength always seems to be an issue when it comes to building materials. Strong is what we want since we constantly over engineer everything we build as a rule. FACTOR OF SAFETY BABY! We have current techniques that can distribute stress across many different pieces in order to take substatial loads that traditional structures could not. Trusses come to mind, domes, I'm sure there is more but I'm currently brain farting. Anyways, why do we continue to build boxes and think that they should be the strongest structures. Why as human beings we must be so incredibly thick as to think that a straight line is the most efficient way to do something? Sure a triangle is composed of straight lines. Wait I'm beginning to argue with myself, and am currently right off the subject I was attempting to discuss. We need different building materials, steel while amazingly strong is still a natural resource that we will someday deplete and will decay into dust that I am sure that man will figure out how to unoxidize some day. But what we should begin to do now is create a building material that isn't PETROLEUM based, isn't wood based. Maybe something created from the polution that we create from just being alive......Garbage? What the hell is it doing for us right now besides creating a problem for us down the road when some idiot decides that we need that land for farms, plops his genetically engineered vegetables into it, and it mutates into some sort of man eating tomato? We're all screwed I say!

Man I'm bored.
  8 forum posts