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Movie Review

Posted by phduffy on 2005-04-03 17:08:38
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Sin City is the Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller (and Quentin Tarantino) directed adaptation of Frank Miller's Sin City.

You probably know all that though. It was filmed similarly to Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. That is, it's filmed on a studio, and all the backgrounds are filled in after.

It's based on three different graphic novels by Frank Miller, The Big Kill, That Yellow Bastard, and another one I don't remember. The stories are mostly seperate, but there is some overlap between characters and timelines.

The film is mostly black and white, with colours added at certain times to add emphasis. So, the Yellow Bastard is yellow, certain women wear red dresses, etc.

This movie is ultra violent. People are shot multiple times, hit by cars, and castrated. Some of the real violence takes place off screen, or via cartoon, and most of the blood is white, which makes it easier to stomach. The violence is closer to the violence in Kill Bill than Saving Private Ryan, but even that's not an accurate description. At times, characters are violent for the sake of being violent... they don't like killing people, they enjoy everything that comes before it.

This film also have a cast of... well, lots of famous people. Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnett, Clive Owen, Benecio Del Toro, Mickey Rourke (who kicks serious ass), Jaime King, Michael Clarke Duncan, the daughter from Gilmore girls, Jessica Alba.... and more.
Almost everyone excels in this film.... the three main characters are played by Willis, Rourke, and Owen, and they're great.

Much of the story is told by narration by the above mentioned leads. There's probably more naration in this story than all the movies I've seen in the last year combined. I think this is because this is basically a direct translation of the comic, which requires thought baloons to reveal waht's going on*. The monologues and dialogue is heavy on the symbolism, simile, and metaphor. I'm actually reading a Raymond Chandler novel right now, and you can see that Miller was going for that type of gritty, pulpy feel. I think that in the wrong hands much of the dialogue would have sounded corny, but it's handled well here.

Sin City is the most faithful adaptation of a comic book to ever come out (considering that the creator of the comic is the co-director that's no surprise), and it's also one of, if not the, best comic book adaptation to ever come out.

Sin City has style and substance. A dark dark dark plot, fantastic visuals and music, and some over the top fun (people take far more punishment and keep going in this movie than they ever could in real life), and I highly recommend it, it's easily the best movie I've seen this year. Well, maybe not easily, Life Aquatic, Sideways and Ong Bak were good, but Sin City is better.

*Although I don't think Miller actually uses thought baloons, he just uses boxes, but you get the idea.
  14 forum posts