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Another Commentary

Posted by hatful on 2005-04-05 02:10:46
2 forum posts
While on a foreign great film kick, pick up Irreversible.
Maybe you've seen this one as well, if not I'm sure you've heard about it.
The movie runs backwards, like Momento, and is the story of a man getting revenge for the rape of his girlfriend.

So it starts off with shakey camera work, all red-exposed, in a gay sex club where he finds the rapist and murders him with a fire extinguisher. This is pretty hard to watch.

Going back further (or on in the movie further) there is a rape scene (of the aformentioned girlfriend). This is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen in a movie, and some would argue that it is excessive and wrong. I think though that the point may be somewhere in showing how horribly people are to each other, and what horrendous things they can do to each other, without the glamourization that rape tends to get in many bigger films. At any rate brace yourself for that part.

The more the movie goes on the more the shots become stable and the mood happier as it tells the story of these people backwards.

All in all the point is executed well, and even if you hate this film it provokes at least plenty of thought and so on.

*If you happen to rent this with Talk to Her (or any other movie), watch that first*
  2 forum posts