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Hike Hike Hike

Posted by fanoom on 2005-04-19 19:13:39
7 forum posts
Some of you may remember the postings for the Bruce Trail Hike. So far the only for sures are Myself, Bill Jr., Paul, and the Frenchman. If you want to reserve your spot on this trip (and help me plan driving arrangements) please post a reply.

NOTE: If it is raining we will not be going.

The following is for those of you who are going (or at work with time to kill).

Here's how I invision this trip going

Departing Hanover at 6:30am
Bruce Peninsula National Park by 8am
Drop off Van, transfer gear into other van.
Tobermory 8:30am
Hike like you stole something, with alot of breaks.
Pencil in about 10 hours (there are alot of stuff that we'll stop and see)
Get vehicle one, pick up vehicle two, go back to Hanover for LOTS of beer and sleeping.
Hopefully back in hanover by 8:30pm

Now here are some stuff that you should bring.

Backpack (small this is only a day thing)
Shorts, pants, long sleeved shirt, short sleeved shirt.
Swim Trunks (if you're crazy enough, the water is probably 4 degrees)
Water Bottle
LOTS OF FOOD (Stay away from junk, you want energy food)
Toilet paper (this isn't something that everyone needs, we can share...right??)
A knife
Bug Spray
Sun Screen
A good pair of shoes (nothing new)
camera (to cronicle the various stages of sweaty Paul)
Cheap rain suit or poncho
We will be bringing a length of rope to climb down into some features such as the Grotto.

Now potable water is probably a concern to everyone. Georgain Bay is safe to drink out of, that will be my source of water. However I know that some of you have issues about drinking lake water. There ARE water purification tablets you can buy to purify the water further. MEC will sell this, and probably every other outfitters on the planet. But chances are you'll be ingesting more chemicals by using those tablets then drinking three or four litres of lake water.

Also there are "emergency" camp stoves being sold locally at Canadian Tire for I believe 2 dollars, this includes fuel. These are light weight and compact....less then a pound and about the size of a wallet..... If you want one for a hot meal at lunch and maybe a hot snack depending on what you pack I am more then willing to pick you up one. Cooking implements are at your own disgression.

I believe this covers everything. I have maps, I have a compass, I have actual training with both of them.

If you have anymore questions just post them and I will attempt to answer them.

  7 forum posts