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Advice of the Day for May 13th

Posted by phduffy on 2003-05-13 00:00:00
Hello again everyone!
Hot on the heels of the most controversial advice of the day yet comes the next installment!
We've certainly had a weird few days, what with Sunday's advice being praised as the best yet, and Monday's advice bringing me condemnation from all corners! No fewer than 2 people asked to be removed from the list after yesterday, and there were threats of more if I keep it up! Who knew advice could cause so much heartache?

Nonetheless, I will proudly march on with the advice of the day!

Today's advice:

When sending out a sometimes humourous, sometimes insightfull email on a regular basis, you may wish to avoid sending insights that make you look like a bitter asshole, even if that was not your point. This may cause your friends to get a good hate on for you, and really, nobody wants to hear about a hate on!

More Advice: This comes from Laura's uncle. I thought I had already sent this, but i asked around and was told that no one got it yet. The advice concerns travelling with women.
"If they don't have to stop to pee they want you to stop so they can eat!"

Even more Advice: If you have a friend that takes time and effort to send out cool advice everyday, then one day he sends out advice that you don't agree with, you should use the reply all button to explain your point of view. However, resorting to name calling and questioning what type of mother could have raised such a person should be avoided.

Final Advice! Don't be afraid to tell your friends you love them.