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Another article

Posted by phduffy on 2005-06-08 14:19:01
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Here's another article I wrote fow WCRI. The last link won't be interesting, and you've probably heard of the other stuff, but meh.

5 Websites you should Know about

Okay, so you’re trying to procrastinate from your homework/assignment, whatever. Your Playstation is played out, there’s nothing on TV, and your room is as clean as it’s ever been. So what to you do? Well, I’ve listed 5 interesting websites that you can peruse to your hearts content.

True, this site is a pain to get to. If you’re not a subscriber then you have a watch an advertisement to get in. However, that’s really not that big of a hardship. Salon is an online news magazine. Their slant is that they’re a liberal news magazine (because apparently the media wasn’t quite liberal enough for them). They have lots of political stories and interviews with politicians, but don’t worry, even if you don’t think that George Bush is the devil, there’s still lots of good info there.
Firstly, their movie reviewer, Stephanie Zacharek is one of the best reviewers out there. Be warned though: Salon doesn’t give movies any kind of rating, so you have to read the whole interview to see what they think about it. Secondly, I am confident in saying that Heather Havrilesk is the best TV commentator alive. Her weekly column “I like to Watch” (which appears Mondays) is more interesting and funny than the overwhelming majority of the shows she covers. Finally, King Kaufman writes a daily sports column for Salon, and he too is the best at what he does. I don’t believe that there are any other daily columnists who do a better job than he does.

This is the self proclaimed “Best Page in the Universe”, it’s his page, so he should know right? This is basically the rantings of a guy named Maddox. What separates him from your typical blog is that most of his rants are actually funny. It’s full of foul language though, so if that sort of stuff offends you, stay away.

You may be familiar with this site, as it reached its peak popularity about 4 years ago. Despite that, it’s still hilarious, and if you haven’t been there in a while you should go back, or check it out for the first time if you’ve never been. The site is full of flash cartoons about a character named HomeStar and his friends and enemies. My advice is to skip the main cartoons and head directly for the Strong Bad emails. Strong Bad is the nemesis of HomeStar, and he’s a short guy with a strange accent and a Lucha Libre mask. His emails are usually hilarious. In particular, I recommend you check out dragon and techno.

Wanna complain about just about anything? Or read people complaining? Then go there. Fark collects newstories from all over the web and posts them. Then people comment on them in their forums. Some of the stories are funny, sore are sad and some are interesting. You’ll find all kinds of political stuff in the forums, and you’ll be sure to find people that agree with you, as well as people that you think are bat **** crazy. or and

There are a multitude of WCRI related websites out there: there’s one to check out your COW hours, there’s a currently unreadable WCRI wikipedia, but the above websites are probably the most relevant and interesting. The first two represent WCRI’s official website. Go there to get useful numbers, figure out seniority deadlines, or to check out the floor plans of other divisions.
Potentially more interesting is the third website, WCRI’s UNOFFICIAL online community. This site has posts by directors about why certain things happen the way they happen, people arguing with the directors over everything, discussions of whether or not WCRI should have COWS, useful information about committees and much more. While there isn’t a ton of activity there now, what’s there is interesting, and as more people go there and get involved (and complain), it will become an even more interesting site.
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