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Review of the Movie Crash

Posted by phduffy on 2005-06-23 17:11:41
I saw Crash last night. Not the one about having sex while crashing your cars, but the new one with Don Cheadle, Sandra Bullock, Brendan Fraser, Ludacris, etc.

The setup is similar to Magnolia, or maybe Traffic, in that there's a bunch of smaller plotlines rolling around, and at times they meet. Similarly to Traffic, there's an overwhelming theme to the story. In this pic, it's racism. So we have racists cops, racist DAs, self hating black men, racist Persian's who are upset people think that they're Arab.... etc.

This movie is decent, but has no subletly. At minimum, 75% of the scenes involve a character acting racist. And not in a subtle way, but in an outright call them names kind of way. Now, I'm a white man in a white city, so perhaps I'm ignant. But I do find it somewhat hard to believe that every single act of a person of colour's life is filled with racism. I also wonder what movies that talk about racism (like this and American History X) are trying to say when they show people that completely fit the stereotype of the racist.

There were parts of the story that were interesting, but they were constantly dragged down by the overwhelming negativity of everything. A better film would have presented racism in only bits and pieces, behind the story, perhaps as an underlying motive, not made the racism the only important part of the story.

I'd say rent it. Don't see it.