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Movie Review

Posted by Mona on 2005-07-10 22:53:38
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Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. My friend Polly in London recommended it. Paul stayed with her in London. Here's what she had to say:

if you have the chance - do rent and watch HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE. if there is anything left in you of the teenage stoner - you'll cry laughing. i know i did. it's coarse, in places sexist, weirdly homoerotic/homophobic, occasionally grosss, and all of that stoopid stuff that is familiar from stoner movies since whenever. but it's dang funny. the fact that are 2 heroes are a Korean American and an Indian American only makes it better. I promise.

end quote

ANd she's right. It's really funny. I cracked up over and over. From the first few minutes of the movie, one line,
Kumar: If you're hung like a moose that doesn't mean you have to do porn.

funnier as it goes ...with a great positive message that's uplifting (I love that kind of stuff, friend Louise is more a fan of the 'it's all hopeless and meaningless" school of storytelling and moviemaking.

Might be better to see this movie after enjoying some herb.
Please, add your opinion here. I got it at Grants . the DVD
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