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Advice of the Day for July 20th 2005!

Posted by phduffy on 2005-07-20 00:40:49
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Don't eat rats.

Website of the Day: (NSFW)

This is a website where you can click on buttons and hear things that Pat O'Brien (of some shitty tv show) said to his gf while all coked out.

Quote of the Day: (Crude)
Today's quote is a paraphrase of a conversation a friend of mine had with her ex bf's best friend.
"How are you?" Man
"Good, you?" WOman
"Oh you know, kind of depressed. Woman problems" Man
"Oh... is it something you want to talk about?" Woman
"Yeah... I'm just having a hard time trusting women. I mean, I just think they lie to me all the time" Man
"Why would you say that?" Woman
"Well, everyone woman I know tells me that no one goes down on them like I do. I mean, every single woman. I know I'm good, and I like it, so they like it, and I know for a fact taht they're not faking it, but really, can I actually be the best ever for every woman out there?" Man.
"I mean, I realize that I'm really really good at it, but I think all these woman are lying when they say I'm the best they've ever had, even though I know they enjoy it" Man
"Hey, are you seeing anyone? Want to get together for coffee or something? Man
"Yeah, I have a boyfriend" Woman
"Oh. What about your friend Joanne? Think she'd want to get together for coffee?" Man.

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