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Advice of the Day for July 28th 2005!

Posted by phduffy on 2005-07-27 23:03:46

Oh yeah, you can ignore yesterday's advice.
Here's some advice though: Use your Subway Sandwiches coupons, they expire next week. Even if you don't have a full sub they're still good

Starting next week, we'll have some awesome substitutes for the advice.
I think next week's advice will only be available on the website ( so make sure you there for your daily hit.

Anyone want to go to the Jays and Yankees next Friday?
Let me know! I'll be in Toronto.

Quote of the Day:
Yesterday's quote got mixe dup, it was supposed to be:
billy beane will perform hip surgery on your mother in law and then make love to her until she cries, and then he will prepare turd sandwiches individually for all his enemies with a side dish of rob dibbles' clitoris.

#### the haters, go eat a dick, i mean 15 games under 500 mothafukers and now leading the wildcard, what the fukk, am i missing something here, haters hate, lovers love and billy beane #### the #### out of both.

Here's another quote by this genius:
so #### all u haters kickin when soemeone is down and i hope you all #### a live squirrel when they will be kikin some ####"

Websites of the day:

Pirates of the Carribean is looking for freaks! If you live in California and w... wait. Shit. Oh well, pass this to your friends who live there.,1284,67970,00.html
Article on nerd hop, the next evolution of rap.