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Movie Review

Posted by phduffy on 2005-08-01 14:01:42
I would like to think of a clever simile or metaphor to begin this review, but I can't (ie, March of the Penguins isn't about the waiters at the Nazi convention! Zinger! Or something like that)

Anyways, March of the Penguins is a documentary about Emperor Penguins in Antartica. Every year at the end of their summer, all the Emperor Penguins get out of the ocean, and march (hilariously) to the middle of Antartica. Unfortunately, they don't have a massive orgy or Battle Royal when they get there, but instead, they find a lover, and make a baby.

The shots of the Penguins marching across the snow and ice are pretty incredible. They start by following one group of Penguins, but as they make the 70 mile march across the snow they join up with other groups of Penguins, and eventually there's a line of thousands of Penguins walking single file.

This movie has some cute, some love, a touch of anger, and lots of fantastic shots. I would recommend this... even for kids, the theatre I went to (which sold out) was full of kids. It'd also be a great movie for a date. Well. If you're the guy, it'd be great to take the girl to go see this. If you're a girl, I don't know how guys would feel if you asked them to this. They should like it, but guys are dumb sometimes.