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Review: In Good Company

Posted by nerhael on 2005-08-02 22:47:22
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I've elected to write this review as I watch the movie. We'll see how it goes.

Seriously... If you're living with your parents, would you ever toss a home pregnancy test into the kitchen garbage bin? What? That's real.

Short break, had to make mooncloth. It's all good.

I love...that the guy buys a beautiful...Porche 911..and mangles it while pulling off the lot. I really think that Topher Grace fits this role most excellently.

Anyone else find that product shots have become a little more whorish in movies lately? The Starbucks shot was a little....just a little in your face.

...Krispity Crunch.....Sports Factoids??? I love these names.

Ah, changing to play foosball. Excellent. Is that how you spell that?

If I say nothing else about this movie.... Beautiful soundtrack. Love it. Absolutely.

Topher Grace is Eric Foreman is this guy. Not much difference.

Again...awesome soundtrack...damn.

This movie has advised me that if I ever foresee a surprise birthday for myself, to walk in wearing nothing but my boxers and a pair of black socks. Oh, and to flash those taking pictures.

Okay. Movie over. I really thought it was quite good. When I first heard about the concept of the movie, didn't really impress much on me. But half way through, it hit me...having someone half your age as your boss, someone that's barely out of school, would be a very....VERY hard thing to deal with.

I would recomment this film to everyone.
  1 forum posts