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Advice of the Day for August 8, 2005

Posted by Katie on 2005-08-08 08:47:40
2 forum posts

When you volunteer to do the advice, try to remember your assigned days so that you don't go accusing the creator of ignoring your offer when he has the proof that shows he already emailed you about it.

Bonus advice!!! (this goes out to one special lady)

Remember that if someone suggests that maybe you can't handle lifting something (i.e., a canoe) on your own, they may be telling the truth. And ignoring them could cause the whole canoe rack to come crashing down.

Quote of the day:

Katie - "Going.........GOING...........ZZZZAAAAUUUUNNNN!!!!!!"
bried interlude where pretty girl talks to me about how much she loves that cheer
Miguel - "You were supposed to let Paul do that cheer, then the pretty girl would have talked to him"
Paul - "yeah"
Miguel - "wait, don't you have a girlfriend now?"
Everyone - Sudden realization that the days of us all trying to help Paul look good for the ladies are officially OVER


This is a place to search for all of those cool jobs that you wonder how people find. You can find postings for "real life carpenters", camera operators, news anchor, video journalists, and unpublished entertainment writers! And much more (many crappy).
  2 forum posts