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Advice of the Day for August 9, 2005

Posted by Katie on 2005-08-09 08:19:05
If you know that it's going to be a hot day, let's say it will feel like 45 with the humidity, don't wear a sweater to work and then complain to me, or anyone else, that you're too hot. It's your own fault.

This also works if it's cold and you wear a tank top.

The quotes today are in honour of Peter Jennings, the Canadian news anchor for ABC who died Sunday night.....

"Using Iraqi government figures, which we cannot verify - they may be high or they may be low, we do not know - almost 700 civilians have been killed in the country since the U.S. invaded. " - Peter Jennings

“A central element of the President’s plan is abolishing the taxes that people pay on their stock dividends....How many taxpayers would benefit? We do know that 34 million tax returns claimed income from a stock dividend in 2000. Who would benefit most? Well, as five percent of the population owns most of the stocks, 65 percent of the benefits would go to five percent of the population. These people make more than $140,000 a year. Would there be any immediate benefit for taxpayers? No. Taxpayers would not see any savings until after they file their 2003 tax returns, which would be in the spring of 2004. And how much is this going to cost the government? $25 billion in 2003, $280 billion over the next decade – money which could be spent in other ways.” - Peter Jennings

And the website today:

A good food website with recipes, tips, etc.

See you tomorrow!