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Book Review

Posted by phduffy on 2005-08-25 11:27:09
Eureka Street is a book by Robert Mcliam Wilson about two guys in Belfast.

It was described to me as "the ultimate novel about Belfast", which kind of put me off, because I was worried it would be like James Joyce.

However, it's actually a very enjoyable read about two guys, one Protestant and one Catholic, who live in Belfast. Neither one of the guys are extremists, and in fact they're friends, but they do run into the extremists, which helps give you a taste of what life in Belfast can be like, particularly before the Good Friday Agreement of 1998.

This is a quick read, and it focuses on the Protestant (Chuckie Lurgan) as he works on his get rich schemes and lives with his mom, and the Catholic (Jake Jackson) wonders why he's still single at 30, why his last woman left him, and why he works such a crappy job.

The story follows Chuckie as he falls for a visiting American and Jake as he looks for love and a job.

The novel does a good job of showing what's it like in Belfast during the troubles, but doesn't get preachy, or even fill you in that much on what the troubles are. There's alot of humour and good writing in this book, and I highly recommend it.