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Just a moment

Posted by fanoom on 2005-09-01 20:41:09
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With soaring fuel costs, more warnings of our impending doom (sorry but this is how I see it), I see only the need to change. We need to begin to lose our past in order to see our future. We have begun an age of reinventing history. Even now my mind is in conflict with itself, I try to think of new inventive ideas that could change our lives, but the past continues to come back into the fore front of my mind. Humans and their unwillingness to change. We truely are creatures of habbit, we breed, we act as though we were born to change everything, and why not? We are perhaps the only intellegent life in the universe. Born of sunlight and water, from a single cell to the complex life form we are today. But what we tend to forget is that the planet that we call Earth allowed us to be born. From her womb we came, to torture her, our own mother. We drain what she has given us, we move what she has placed for us, we take from her what isn't ours, we kill her other children, we kill our own. And why do we do this? For money of course, for greed. Every one of us is guilty of greed, it is our shame. If only we could have seen this. We were allowed to survive for so long because of our ability to adapt to the changing environment around us. But we have lost sight of this, we believe ourselves to be for lack of a better word, gods. We live where we want, we do pretty much anything we want to and then believe that nothing bad will happen. I know if we didn't do what we thought was right nothing would ever happen. But using poisons to create energy? How big of dumbasses were our ancestors, how stupid are we for continuing to use these poisons? Hell I am probably the biggest poison peddler of them all, selling autoparts to an industry founded by poison and good intentions. Sure I tell myself that I'm just attempting to do my part to help clean cars up. Make them run more EFFICIENT, use less FUEL, spew less POISON into the air. But by giving the consumers the option to fix their 1965 V10 still running on leaded gasoline 3km/litre vehicles I am only helping to kill what I love with all my heart. And why do I kid myself? Greed. Always greed. Fucking greed. Okay, now I'm angry. Perhaps I'll continue this ramble at a later date. Good day to you.
  1 forum posts