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Miguel's Advice of the day for September 1st

Posted by miguel on 2005-09-01 22:47:29
5 forum posts

For this advice of the day, I'm not going to do offer up some retarded instructions on downloading porn or what you should be drinking. Please read this.

My advice today is to think and be aware of what is happening today in America.

A hurricane has hit New Orleans, a city belonging to the richest, most powerful and technologically advanced country this world has ever seen. It took 3 days, a mere 72 hours, and pure anarchy has descended into that city.

There are armed, organized gangs of looters with weapons (some of which reportedly were obtained from Wal-Mart). Now looting in and of itself can only be expected in a situation like this, especially when rescue and evacuation efforts are a gigantic clusterfuck of a disgrace.

But there are armed gangs roaming New Orleans as I write this, groups of people that last week were shopping, going to work, watching T.V and just living life in general. Today they are shooting and raping their fellow citizens, attacking aid helicopters and raiding convoys sending supplies. There were snipers shooting at hospitals and general attacks on evacuation efforts.

There are thousands of people stuffed inside an abandoned sports arena in New Orleans with no food, electricity, water or heat, surrounded by dead bodies and fecal matter.

I never though I would live to see something like this happening in North America. And I think I just lost some of the faith or innocent hope I had that people always come together in bad times, that the inherent goodness in humanity will shine through no matter what.

There will be many stories of aid, selfless sacrifice and charity from this disaster, but I fear they will always be overshadowed by the hell that New Orleans turned into. has some really good articles on this whole situation.

  5 forum posts