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Advice of the Day for September 14th 2005!

Posted by phduffy on 2005-09-13 21:33:26
8 forum posts
I am copying today's advice verbatim from an email Phillip sent out:
Please do my a favour, take some time, and carefully read my message to you.

Annoyed by the high gas prices as a result of Katrina? This is just the
beginning. It is time to stop living carelessly. It is time to stop wasting

The second largest US oil company Chevron-Texaco just launched the website

and advises everyone to save energy. Now, that is a surprise since all these
oil companies get their money from everyone, who uses energy. The more the
better. Every warning regarding un upcoming raw oil shortage was countered
with new technologies, which would make the existing raw oil easier
accessible. So who would have thought some oil company would start such a
compaign and why do they do that? Of course, they want to improve their image
but more importantly because


The demand for raw oil has been growing ever since it was used first. The same
amount of oil will be needed during the upcoming 30 years that has been used
for the last 125 years. And even worse, we will reach a phenomenon called
PEAK OIL soon (possibly already in 2008). That is the highest possible oil
delivery rate. From that point on the supply will decrease while the demand
will further increase. We will face multiplied oil prices. The price of 70
US$ for a barrel of oil nowadays is expected to climb up to more than 200 US$
just within the next years.

Katrina just demonstrated how mother nature replies to human interferences in
the natural cycles. The arguments of all critics of the man-made gobal
warming theory were recently disproved. Even though Canada signed the Kyoto
record as opposed to the US, it is still the highest per capita energy waster
is the world (not only because of the strong winter)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Therefore, everyone of you should seriously consider to do the following:

- Don't buy SUVs but cars with high fuel efficiency (70% of the raw oil is
used on the roads).

- Turn off the engine whenever you stand. You will survive without AC in the
summer and heat in the winter for a few minutes.

- Do some car pooling.

- Use public transit and bike to places nearby.

- Do not cool your place down like a fridge in the summer.

- Do not heat it up to a tropical temperature so that you can run around half
naked in the winter.

- Only heat the spots which really need to be warm.

- There is nothing wrong with wearing a thick pullover also inside during the

- Bring your own bags and boxes when you go shopping or take only a few.

- Support supermarkets which do not give you 2 different plastic bags for a
piece of soap and some noodles.

- Turn off the lights if you don't need them to be on (especially at night).

- Use energy saving bulbs where you need the light to be on for a long time.

- Save water whenever you can (yes, there is a water cycle but the water
content in the air will increase due to global warming and it costs a lot of
energy to clean dirty water, too).

- Avoid to eat at fastfood places that give you more garbage than anything

- Always ask for a "real" cup if you intend to drink your coffee at the coffee
shop. Especially avoid styrofoam cups if possible.


That is only a short list of things everyone can do. I am sure we can go on
living like that until we die but would it be fair to our kids and children's
children? Lets be honest changing a few habits and reducing the living
comfort a little bit is a very low price to pay...

Expect the price for every sort of energy to rise extremely during the
upcoming years. Do not wait until you are forced to save enegy to just save

Cheers everyone,


Website of the Day:
This is the Website of the Yes Men, a bunch of social pranksters who star in the movie of the same name. (I give the movie 7 cotton factories out of 10).
They talk about the WTO, the pranks they pull, all that stuff.

Quote of the Day:
"If it's between shit on your hand and embarassment, I'll take shit on my hand every time" - Tom, re his plot to throw a turd out the window
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