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Advice of the Day for September 16th 2005!

Posted by phduffy on 2005-09-15 22:25:45
Half the time when I think of advice I forget it when it's time to write it down.
Like now.

Wanna do something interesting?
Pick a week, say next Monday to Sunday, and DON'T SPEND A DIME. Go grocery shopping this Sunday and get enough bread and milk and stuff to last you the week, don't buy any lunches or clothes, make sure you have enough shampoo and all that. (The only exception I can think of is that if you drive to work and need to fill up your car in the week. I can't see a way around that). Plan your week out... which tv shows, dvd you already own, or book from the library/your collection are you going to read.
Then do it, and watch your bank account stay the same all week!

Quote of the Day:
"Hey, let me send you this awesome video clip of Woody" Matt
"Okay. I saw Woody on the weekend" Paul
"WTF!!!!!!!" Matt
"He was at Crystal's party" Paul
"Woody was at Crystal's party? What the fuck, that sounds amazing, why didn't you tell me!!! Fuck!" Matt
"What, that Woody was there??????" Paul
"Yeah, Woody Harrelson was at Crystal's party, what the fuck!!!" Matt
"No, Woody from home" Paul
"Oh" Matt

Website of the Day:

This guy created a bunch of posters for baseball teams that show how bad your team is. This is a link to the Jays one, which I don't actually think is that funny, but the Mets one is comedy gold.