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Review of the Good Thief

Posted by phduffy on 2003-10-18 00:41:16
Okay, I already did a bunch of this, and trust me, it was hi larious!

Then I lost it and it really took the energy out of me. Made me feel like a fool for closing the wrong window.

Therefore, this one will be quick.

This is crime movie set in France.

Starts out slowly, as Nick Nolte mumbles, there's always music in the background, and everyone else has an accent.
Picks up.
He assembles a team of zany fellow criminals. Not all that zany though.
Oh yeah, he's getting them because he's a thief, and this is his last score, because if you're a thief it is always your last score.

Did you know they're making Ocean's 12? Wasn't 11 supposed to be the last one? And they had to justify to everyone (by they I mean Clooney and by them I mean Roberts) how this is it? Now I'm supposed to watch while they do that again?

Anyways, this is a good little flick. Slightly different from the usual crime thriller.
Oh yeah, Raph Fiennes is in it, and there's a dude that plays foreign cops in every film with a foreign cop, and he's in it.

Sorry, that's all your getting tonight.