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Posted by miguel on 2005-11-16 08:14:16
3 forum posts
As my birthday came and went, I got to thinking about what I've enjoyed this year so far (I know I know theres still december to go)

So instead of doing a a big movies a list that would take up a lot of my time, I decided to a mini top 5 list of various things! I promise that by years end I will have a full on movie list with comments and stuff.

Top 5 Movies

1. The Return
2. Sin City
3. Batman
4. Kung-Fu Hustle
5. March of the Penguins/Nobody Knows (tie)

Top 5 Albums

1. The Most Known Unknown/ 3-6 Mafia
2. Feels/Animal Collective
3. Late Registration/Kanye West
4. I am a bird now/Antony & Johnsons
5. Hello Mom/Modeselektor

Top 5 Books (Not just contemporary, it's whatever I finished this year)

1. Feast of Crows (finished it yesterday!!)
2. Confederacy of Dunces (1964)
3. The Wind-up Bird Chronicle (1997)
4. Lolita (1960's? too lazy to look it up)
5. Oryx & Crake (underrated book by Atwood)

Top 5 videogames

1. Resident Evil 4 (and it's not even close)
2. Soul Calibre 3 (create a character mode? hell yeah!)
3. We Love Katamari Damashi!
4. Mercenaries
5. Warriors (only played it was enough)/Fire Emblem 2 (tie)

Top 5 restaurants

1. Au Pied De Couchon (Montreal)
2. Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar
3. Canoe
4. Cafe 668
5. Schwartz's (Montreal)

Top 5 T.V shows

1. Arrested Development (monday nights kill me though)
2. Office (fuck it, I might like the american version better)
3. Raptors Games (Highest of high comedies)
4. Daily Show (still good, but Jon Stewart needs to step his game up, the correspondents are good, but they are no colbert/carrel)
5. Project Runway (addictive fashion design reality show)
  3 forum posts