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Song Pick of the Week

Posted by James H> on 2005-11-21 19:59:01
5 forum posts
With the recent release of an Alexisonfire/Moneen split EP, I thought this would be a good time to spotlight Brampton’s own Moneen. While the guys in Moneen have toured with Alexisonfire several times, their music would be better classified as emo than screamo. The emo tag doesn’t completely do them justice though, since their sound ranges from emo melodrama to instrumental experimentation to furious math rock, all within the course of one song typically. The band is perhaps best known for its incredibly long song titles and incredibly energetic live show.

Getting back to the split EP, this release is part of the Switcheroo Series. The basic concept is to bring two bands together and have them each put their own spin on the other’s songs. In addition to two covers from each band, there is also a brand new track from both acts on this EP. As you might expect, Alexisonfire take the original songs and add a fair amount of aggression to the mix while Moneen tend to tone down AOF’s material for their renditions.

Since I know of several people who enjoy Alexisonfire’s music but don’t care for the screaming, I thought I would offer up Moneen’s cover of AOF’s “Accidents” for their listening pleasure. This track gives you an idea of Moneen’s sound and is also likely to be one of the rare opportunities to hear a scream-free AOF song.

To the same end I have also included a track from City and Colour’s debut EP. Even though this material is the work of Dallas Green, the singer for Alexisonfire, it couldn’t be farther from AOF’s typical sound. This project features just vocals and acoustic guitar for the most part, so if you’re in the mood for something a little mellower give it a try.
  5 forum posts