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Kill Bill Vol.1

Posted by miguel on 2003-10-18 22:23:33
Quentin Tarantino is a fucking geek, and I mean that in the best way possible. In his formative years, he was fed with a steady diet of Spaghetti Westerns, 70's Samurai films and 80's Hong Kong action flicks. In Kill Bill he finally pays tribute to all those early influences by managing to synthesize all the best attributes of these films.

Take the frenetic action and wirework of kung-fu movies, the tragic and noble outcasts from Spaghetti Westerns and Samurai movies (which have much in common), the aesthetics of the 70's (also on display in Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs) and couple them with a Hollywood budget and Tarantinos virtuoso camerawork...and then you begin to understand where Kill Bill is coming from. For fucks sakes there is even a mini homage to the old rape-revenge movies of the 70's like I Spit on your Grave or Last House on the Left!!!!111

This is such a daring attempt to combine genres that you have to give him points for just having the balls to try this! Kill Bill is like a spot the references game for film geeks:
The Shaw Brothers intro, Sonni Chiba from those old Streetfighter movies as the Japanese bartender, the insane schoolgirl from Battle Royale, Uma is wearing Bruce Lees track jacket, the anime sequence etc etc etc.

Critics have complained that there is no substance to all this showboating....but they're just not getting it. This a Tarantinos personal invitation for the audience to revel in the awesomeness that is the B-Movie. There is true art to be found in the exploitative Westerns and lowbrow Asian action flicks, and Tarantino taps into the underlying force that drives them. Witness the operatic beauty of Lucy Liu's mother's blood dripping like rain from the mattress, or the humming of Uma's katana as it is unsheathed...and no one can deny that there is poetry in the final battle on the snow blanketed garden....the poetry of war.

I havent even scratched the surface of this orgasmically awesome movie...RZA's soundtrack, the old-school close ups of characters with dramatic music as they are about to rumble, the amazing acting, the pussy wagon, oh and the fact that Bill is fucking David Carradine!!! hopefully people will give him some work now!

Quentin Tarantino you've outdone yourself here, and I cannot wait for Vol.2 which I think will have much more of a Western flava. Go see it now.