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top 5's

Posted by bryan on 2005-12-01 16:24:50
2 forum posts
Ok, it's that time again. I am not giving them ranks, and I have two categories... best things I've heard this year, and best things released this year.

top 5 I've heard...

Art Blakey - Moanin'

hott jazz. Fuck Diana Krall. This is where it's at. Blue note stuff from the late 50's to the late 60's is all killer, but this is a definite highlight.

Polmo Polpo - Like hearts Swelling

Background music made with a mix of live instruments and laptops that will keep you washing dishes at a steady pace. Until the 8 minute mark on track two, which was the moment I saw all of our creator's glory, and how it magically sneaks into all of our lives. Your mileage may vary.

Ten Years After - Live (at the fillmore?? I'm drawing a blank here)

Fucking rock sauce. Tasty rock sauce.

The Kinks - Something else

I was an asshole before I listened to this record (whether or not I am still an asshole is up for debate). There is so much good stuff out there that I haven't listened to based on the fact that I don't dig the radio hits. Layla sucks, and because of that I missed out on a bunch of really good pop songs. FOR SHAME!

Ultramagnetic MC's - Critical Beatdown

Listen to Kool Keith and Ced Gee rhyme about how awesome they are and how much other mc's is whack suckas over stolen funk basslines and awkward scratches.

top 5 released this year...

Pelican - The fire in our throats will beckon the thaw

Everything prog-rock/heavy metal should have been. Pelican compose beautiful heavy metal songs. COMPOSE. Every note, every beautiful distorted moment has purpose. This is headphone music, and a casual first listen will not do it justice.

Wintersleep - s/t

Well executed Canadian rock and roll, not much more to it.

I'll finish this up tomorrow, work demands my attention. THE NERVE!

  2 forum posts