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Theme and gift suggestions

Posted by phduffy on 2005-12-12 09:15:54
2 forum posts
Okay, I overheard Brandon come up with the following sweet idea for a theme:

Intergallactic clown

Now, as to the gift exchange. There hasn't been much enthusiasm about this, so I'm going to put out another idea.

What about a CD trading party?

You bring 2 CDs that you no longer listen to. Both of them should be in good condition (ie, you're not trading them because you scratched it all to shit).

So, you find 2 CDs that you don't listen to. One of them should be good, something you're not embarrased to own, but that you don't listen to. Maybe an indy rock band or a band you've had enough of (say U2 or maybe OLP). The second should be something that marks you forever with eternal shame. Like your Venga Boys CD or something like that.

So, then we have an exchange.
I haven't worked out the details, but maybe we could do some sort of draft, or maybe we make more interesting

Like, whoever has the CD with the biggest shame picks first. Etc.

  2 forum posts