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Advice of the Day for December 19th!

Posted by phduffy on 2005-12-18 20:45:18
4 forum posts
Due to some upcoming vacation, training, and computer problems, the advice of the day is going on indifinite hiatus.

However, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Great New Year. I would also like to extend and invitation to the 9th annual Hanover Attic New Years bash.
Come one and come all!

Also, I did this when it went to Europe, so I'm going to do it again this time.
Here are your assignments for the advice.

But first, a quote:
"Do you think one day we'll all be in flying cars, and the Mennonites will drive cars?" Sarah

Here we go:
Tuesday The 20th: Trevor
Wednesday the 21st: Seth
Thursday the 22nd: pete
Friday the 23rd: Schaus
Tuesday the 27th: Iain
Wednesday the 28th: Adrienne
Thursday the 29th: Gord
Friday the 30th: Jenn
Monday the 2nd: Krys
Tuesday the 3rd: Mike Migh
Wednesday the 4th: Nic
Thursday the 5th: Nathan
Friday the 6th: Gord's cousin Mike
Monday the 9th: Beth
Tuesday the 10th: Zeynep
Wednesday the 11th: Phillip
Thursday the 12th: Tim
Friday the 13th: Palmer Don't let us down on this spooky day!
Monday the 16th: Sarah P
Tuesday teh 17th: Carrie
Wednesday the 18th: Sabrina
Thursday the 19th: Tom
Friday the 20th: James
Monday the 23rd (okay, now we've gone a month, remember, we're January): Joyce
Tuesday the 24th: Heather
Wednesday the 25th: Julie
Thursday teh 26th: Melissa
Friday the 27th:Vivian
Monday the 30th: Miguel
Tuesday the 31st: Lucas
Wednesday the 1st: Michelle
Thursday the 2nd: Crystal
Friday the 3rd: Lydia
Monday the 6th: Mike Mo
Tuesday the 7th (remember, we're in February!): Sarah Mac
Wednesday the 8th: Chantal
Thursday the 9th: Julie
Friday the 10th: Capt Crunch. I don't know who you are. Garry or Steve?
Monday the 13th: Rolland
Tuesday the 14th: Okay, this is Garry. Don't let us down on Valentine's day!@
Wednesday the 15th: Trish

Wow, we have alot of people on this list, more than I thought.
Of course, if I'm still not back up and at er after this, eveyrone is welcome to continue themselves, or if you're not on the list, and just check the website, you can do it too.

So, on your day, send out advice or a quote or a website or any combination of the 3, or post that combination to the website ( or do both.

Happy Holidays everyone!
  4 forum posts