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Advice of the Day for January 4, 2006

Posted by nszyngie on 2006-01-04 09:18:32
Advice of the Day:

Keep an extra jug of windshield washer fluid in your car (if you have one). You can't count on some form of natural precipitation to clean you windshield for you.

Quote of the Day:

Ned Plimpton: I'm gonna fight you, Steve.
[Steve hits Ned in the face]
Steve Zissou: You never say, "I'm gonna fight you, Steve." You just smile and act natural, and then you sucker-punch him.
Ned Plimpton: You fight your way, and I'll fight mine.
Steve Zissou: Oh, listen, Ned. Don't you try to...
[Ned hits Steve in the face]
Steve Zissou: I think your Team Zissou ring might've caught me on the lip.

-- The Life Aquatic. Great flick. Beautifully shot. Excellent soundtrack.

Website of the Day:

A great idea, that has been done before, but never with so much Canadiana. Getting lots of press as of late. Follow the progress along the lefthand side.