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Advice of the Day for January 12th, 2006

Posted by alltogethernow on 2006-01-12 14:28:39
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Advice of the Day:


The Toronto subway system is one of the shittiest in the world. It is constantly in need of money, the stations look like mine shafts, the employees are surly at best, the service is slow and the cost (to the rider) is high. Montreal is a city close to the size of Toronto and its monthly pass is about 30% less than Toronto's.

I was stuck at Bloor station today for about 45 minutes and the told us to go outside to catch shuttle buses to take us above the power outage. After standing outside for another 15 minutes no buses had materialized. After ANOTHER 15 minutes a TTC staffer outside for a smoke informed everyone that the subway was operating again.... RETARDS1!!!11one!

Quote of the Day:

"FUCK YOU LEAVE ME ALONE. You heard about all those people getting shot lately ... ? JUST FUCKING TRY ME.. "
- A seemingly normal woman in response to being asked if the subway was running again

Website(s) of the Day:

Ok, during Christmas break it seems that everyone (especially the women folk) was going on and on about this book "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey. I thought it was surprising that I heard about so many people reading this book until I did a quick search and found that it ones one of Oprah's books of the month.

Now today thanks to my trusty news site ( I have found the following articles completely refuting this mans memoir as a complete piece of fiction. He originally tried to sell the book as a work of fiction, but when that didn't work out he decided to pass of this fictionalization of his life as the honest truth. So check out The Smoking Gun raping him with the facts.

NOW do not come back at me saying that he never meant it to be 'Gods Honest Truth' because I have video of him on Oprah saying just that. I have a myriad of other sources to back that up as well. The fact that Random House is offering refunds for the book is something very rare, if not unprecedented.

James Frey you just got F'ed in the A

  13 forum posts