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Unexpected email last week

Posted by nerhael on 2006-02-14 09:01:18
5 forum posts
I got this email last week, talking about a blog protesting our new PM.

How our site got included I'm not 100% sure, but look at some of the other people on the two list. It made me happy.



I have this crazy website called I have created this website to show people that not all of Alberta shares the views of the conservative party. We are a diverse group of varying political views and opinions and those voices are kind of being drowned in a sea of blue. We have Tories, we have greens we have liberals and some people here don't subscribe to to the blue platform all the way.

This is just a chance to speak my voice with a bit of humour and parody and there might be some people out there with the same views... or sense of humour.

And what better person to counteract the belief of the ultra conservative albertan than a peacenik punkrock wannabe calgarian such as myself? Right in Harper's backyard?

In any case check out the website, I hope you have a laugh and if you wanna toss me some publicity, it would be great!

the notmypm Rabbit.
  5 forum posts