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Conquest Canada

Posted by alltogethernow on 2006-02-15 11:22:42
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Ok, here's the deal... Each year at the end of May / beginning of June my school (international language school King George International College) has a week off. During this time I plan a trip for students (ages 18 +) that want to participate. This year the trip is during the week of the 29th of May ~ 3rd of June.

Our campuses in Vancouver, Victoria and Surrey drive R/V's (26 of them with police escorts) from Vancouver to Banff and back again. Here in Toronto the past 2 years we have gone to Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, a common trip, but with a twist. I make the whole trip a competition where groups of 10 students + 1 teacher try to earn points by doing scavenger-hunt type tasks in each city.

The scavenger-hunt leads them around each city to the major land marks and interesting features. I don't give them exact infomation or maps for any of the places they visit. It is part of the competition to be able to explore on their own.

I have the competition for 2 reasons:
1) It allows the students to see the sights of the cities we visit without just hopping off a tour bus for 5 seconds to get a picture. They get to explore the city and find these sites themselves.
2) It makes them actually interact with Canadians and use their English to talk and ask directions and find certain things.

I am planning a much more complicated scavenger hunt this year. We won't be doing the transportation on a bus this time, but each group (smaller now) of students + teacher will be driving a rented mini-van.

They will not have hotels booked for them, or anything else for that matter. They will only pay for the use of the rental car, everything else must be covered by the students during the trip, hotel, everything...

What I am asking of you guys is this:
1) I need suggestions for 'missions' feel free to dig up OUR old scavenger hunts for ideas. (not too sexual please some students are very uptight ... and not too dangerous)

2) I need suggestions of places they should visit. I am not just aiming for Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa but smaller towns and cities as well. I want to do this because really most of Canada is made up of small towns and cities the students rarely get to see this side of our country. (besides the idea of 50+ international students decending on Neustadt makes me giggle)

3) I need some volunteers (who will perhaps be paid for their effort... but my boss is notoriously cheap) from many different cities, towns to give me a hand and meet with my students, and give them a hint, or perhaps supervise a fear-factor or amazing-race type event.

Please give this information to anyone you know who might be interested in giving me a hand.. and showing some foreigners what Canada is all about.

Thanks in advance for your help/ideas.
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