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Approprate or Inappropriate?

Posted by corncobrob on 2006-02-17 09:55:57
11 forum posts
OK - A quick history. At the house I live in now , one is able to rent rooms by the week for $115. There are 7 rooms and its catered mostly for international students because its fully furnished nad can be rented by the week. I chose to live here because I liked the flexibility and didn't want to sign a lease. Right now only 2 rooms are rented, so there are 4 empty bedrooms. The landlord often locks these bedrooms, although currently they aren't expecting anyone to come live in the house.

Email #1 from Carrie to Landlords:
"Hi Vanessa,
I was just wondering if you are at the house tomorrow if you would
mind unlocking the bedroom opposite to mine?
I am having a few friends come over from Toronto for the weekend (to
experience Ottawa's Winterlude!) and would like to have as many places
to sleep as possible.

Thanks a lot, I would really appreciate that.

Have a great weekend,


Email #2 from Landlord
"Hi Carrie,

We don't mind people sleeping over in your room if it is now or then. If you want to use other rooms there will be a charge . Sorry to say it so bluntly. But we have utility charges to cover.

When the Korean and Japanese student come for the long weekend every now and then we charge them $75 each.

If you let me know how many people are coming I can prepare that many beds & linen and the charge will be $15 per night (weekly rate of $115 divided by 7).

Best regards,


Email #3 from Carrie
"Are you kidding me? that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever
heard. There will be absolutely no added increase in utilities for my
guests staying over. Lights would be on anyways if I am home, and the
oven would be used if I cook myself. Does it really cost money to
have someone sleep in a dark room?

I am sorry, but I refuse to pay extra for having friends over for one
weekend. I think that is absurd to ask.


Email #4 from Landlord
"Hi Carrie,

This is a business for us - we are not kidding about charging for additional
people. If you were renting the entire house you could have who ever you
want stay as you please - it would be your home to do with as you like.
But, you are renting a single room in a rooming house.

I'm not trying to make life difficult for you, I am trying to run a

Right now you are paid up until mid March. If you are not happy and want to
move sooner we will refund your rent. It is up to you.

Please respectful of the fact that this is a business not a private home.


Vanessa & Mark."

What does everyone think of this? Absurd or appropriate?
I refuse to pay to have guests sleep over on the weekend. I suppose I can have them sleep in the living room but not the bedrooms (that are empty anyways) They told me I will have to move out by April 1 or May 1 anyways because they are renovating the house so it can be rented to a family because they aren't getting enough money from it now with only 2 people there.
  11 forum posts