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Recipe of the Week

Posted by phduffy on 2006-03-03 08:23:28
2 forum posts
I think that having a recipe of the week on here would be cool. Give people some other ideas and stuff. I'm going to do this week. With that said, hopefully I don't have to do this very often, as my knowledge is neither deep nor wide. And I know that Nerhael has some stuff, kristian has a delicious chicken currie receip, and Katie could probably do this every week for a year with her culinary talents. My brother too actually...

Anyways, without further ado:

Chicken Schwarmas (kind of)

1 chicken breast
two wraps or pitas
red onion
PC Memories of Kashmir sauce
Some kind of hummus.
Louisiana Hot sauce (optional)

Grill the chicken in your George Forman. Upon completion, put it on the stove in a frying pan, with just a touch of oil. Add red onion and one clove of garlic. Apply Kashmir sauce liberally, and add hot sauce as desired.

While this is happening, get your pitas or wraps ready. I prefer wraps, but only because I find that they're easier to work with. The pitas you buy for home are always breaking. Even if you remember to leave them out during the day so they're not cold, they still break. And you can have red tomato or spinach wraps. But use whatever you prefer.

So, you've got your frying pan a' frying (hopefully with a cover), take your wrap and load er up with hummus. Add tomatoes and lettuce, and any other veggies you want. Sometimes cucumber works well to cut the heat, if you've loaded it up with garlic or hot sauce.

Anyways, stir your chicken a bit, so the sauce is everywhere, take off the stove, and put half of it in each wrap.

  2 forum posts