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Skiing VS Snowboarding

Posted by Fanoom on 2006-03-06 12:05:07
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So last night I attempted snowboarding for the first time, I have been a skier for about 15 or so years, so really how hard could it be right? Hell if Trevor can do it....

Now, while I was attempting to snowboard for the first time, my wife was attempting to ski for the first time....

So lets do a little comparison here.

Both beginner lessons took 90 minutes, with approx the same amount of people.
For every snowboard run, she got in two.
We both fell getting off the lift on occasion.
I fell every run, but one. She fell.... Well not at all.
While she was always in control, I was never in control (this could be because when I ski I tend to go more towards the speed side of things)
She never had to hold onto her instructors hand, while I had to (Just imagine a 6'3" man being helped down the hill by a 5'6" girl with your wife going up the chair lift yelling at you not to fall)

Now while all this happened I kept pushing myself, I'm a decent skier, so why can't I snowboard well too. So slowly I became a wee bit better, getting more confident as the night progressed. Now we come to the end of the night and my last run, I'm taking it fairly easy, slowing down so I don't catch an edge, which of course means I do catch an edge and go pitching forward onto my already hurting knees only to do a knee flip onto my back into a roll. I get up and snowboard to the bottom calling it a night. So we drive home which is of course when you begin to cramp up and notice all your war wounds.

Earlier in the season I attempted a jump through some trees, and was blind sided by a fellow skiier, forcing me to clip a young sappling pitching me forward and jarring my back pretty good (this is not the first time I've clipped a tree going for big air) . Now although that hurt like a son of a bitch, I still felt better then, then I do now.

Now, I have a little thing about snowboarders being pretty retarded, putting on their boards in front of run entrances, stopping in the middle of runs and just generally being dumb asses. Now after trying it, I have to admit, you do have to be retarded to snowboard, skiing is so much easier and more versitile then snowboarding, while not looking as cool, you can definately ski into old age, while snowboarding will probably destroy your body before too long.

So in conclusion, if you want to learn an Alpine type of sport, skiing is much easier and less physically demanding then the ass raping you will recieve attempting to snowboard. I say three times out and you'd be confident enough to maybe take an intermediate hill with a snowboard, and push all the snow to the bottom. Fucking snowboarders.... SCUM I SAY!

Your friendly neighbourhood snowboard hater.
  3 forum posts