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Random quote

Posted by mduffy on 2006-03-10 12:01:37

I think my problem with communicating has more to do with the fact i don't have negative things to say about people, the closes negative view i have of anyone on here is the view i have of you basta. You would be the person if anyone on here that would become the recipient of a insulting outburst from myself, though i know you mean little to no harm by your comments, some of the things just don't flow well with me and my outlook on life. Still i would never dream of trying to avenge my view that you could be acting in a malignant manner, if for the sole purpose of knowing i did more damage then i resived, as that is more or less the sole reason for ever doing such a thing. what im getting at is to understand how I communicate you have to first understand how i don't communicate, i do not insult people or their intelligence, i do not critisize "their" beliefs.