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Advice of the Day for March 21st 2006

Posted by phduffy on 2006-03-20 23:00:47
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Why do I send out the advice?
To entertain?
To inform?
To satisfy my own massive ego?

Perhaps. However, there's also one more goal. And that means that at times, the advice may seem repetitious. Hell, it might be exactly the same from time to time. But that's only because I want you to do one, and only one, thing:


It's March, so everyone is rrrrrrrrolllling up rrrrrrrrrims and trrrrrrrrrying to wwwwwwwwwin. It also means (as I belive I mentioned last year, and possibly two years ago), that someone is going to try to tell you that sometimes Tim Hortons puts the winners on the back of the cup, or they say play again but you actually won, or some stupid nonsense that they should have realized within HALF A FUCKING SECOND OF HEARING IT. I mean, hiding the winners would serve all kinds of purpose for Tim Hortons, because then they'd.... oh wait... um... er...
Hm.... what would they gain again? AH YES.. NOTHING.

Also, if you fuck up your friend's birthdays, sack up and admit it. Pete, I thought your birtday was Tuesday. But it was Sunday. Hope it was good. Trevor, I thought yours was... I don't know, I think once I found out Tuesday wasn't Pete I thought it was you. Maybe if you all weren't born in March there wouldn't be such a problem! (Seriously, I think there are at least 6 people getting this email who are born within 10 days of each other....)

Quote of the Day:
I was going to put something in here about the internal dialogue I was having as people tried to tell me that Everyone Loves Raymond is a great show, and that they'd never seen Arrested Development (and also show what I actually said...), but I'm going to cut that out.

Website of the Day:
I want an Impreza.
I'm low on websites. Sorry.
  1 forum posts