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Miguel's Top 10 Movies of last year!

Posted by miguel on 2006-03-23 16:34:34
7 forum posts
Hello everyone, sorry for the wait.

What I plan on doing here is, rather than posting one GIGANTIC article that just pisses me off with it's unholy length (what a cool porn title! UNHOLY LENGTH!) I am going to instead post one movie a day by continuously editing the article!

It was a pretty good year for movies, of course the oscars got it all wrong (except for three-6 mafia of course). My list includes many movies all of you will be familiar with, a couple that only a few will, and at least one that no one will know about. But let's get the ball rolling with

10. THE DESCENT (Britain)

This beautiful little gem is from the same British team that made Dog Soldiers, that delightful little ditty about genetically engineered werewolves as military weapons. I don't scare easily with horror movies, but director Neil "THE GENIUS" Marshall got at least one full on girly shriek from me. The premise is pretty similar to a hollywood flick recently released called The Cave.....which by all accounts is a horrible piece of crap. Descent however is totally incredible, with some extremely memorable moments involving claustrophobia, fear of darkness and fears of cannibalistic cave dwelling mutants (who the hell is afraid of that?). This is that rarest of horror movies, a smartly written and directed one. The all female cast will put you through the paces as the tension is quickly revved up to unbearable levels.

9. HEAD-ON (Turkey/Germany)

This movie is like some kind of beautiful punk love song. Wild, crazy, sexy, dangerous.....even funny and achingly tender at times. It could be considered a chick flick but it's way to smart and unpredictable for that. What it is, is a unique look at two lost and desperate souls on a collision course to themselves. Hollywood better never get their hands on this one.....they wouldn't know what to do with it.


Who would have thought the comedic legacy of Buster Keaton and Chuck Jones would come to rest in China, on the shoulders of Stephen Chow? Chow's over the top antics ensured physical comedy is alive and well, and his clever use of CGI went a long way to convince me that it's not just for cheezy horror movies and George Lucas extravangazas. Between Shaolin Soccer and Kung-Fu Hustle, I can't wait to see what Stephen will come up with next!

7. Devil's Rejects USA

You know what? This is the first movie I've seen that finally drove home the importance of the soundtrack. Rob Zombie's homage to the 70's just wouldn't be the same without those incredible southern fried tunes, and the soundtrack (illegaly downloaded of course) was a fixture on my ipod for almost 3 months. Even without the songs, this is still a deliriously funny, creepily scary film, and Zombie manages to write some pretty unforgettable scenes. Seeing the Devil's Rejects must be the closest damn thing to the drive-in experience of 30 years ago.... I think that it will take quite a few years for this movie to be truly appreciated.

6. Grizzly Man USA

This is the perfect antidote to the Disney anthropomorphism of movies like March of the Penguins and Wild Parrot's of Telegraph Hill (which are both great documentaries). Werner Herzog's seems to enjoy discovering obssessive madmen, and in wildlife activist Timothy Treadwell he may have unearthed the most incredibly fascinating loonie of them all. The footage of Timothy took of himself living among, discussing, and interacting with Alaskan grizzly bears, reveals a man slowly descending into insanity, but it also depicts images of startling beauty and touching sadness. The most important lesson to me though, is that no matter how many cute names, stories and human attributes Timothy insisted on giving the bears, they were still just animals looking to eat and survive, a lesson Timothy never learned, not even in the end.
  7 forum posts