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Everything, is going to be alright.

Posted by nerhael on 2006-03-24 08:32:48
I haven't really watched any new TV in a long time, but a buddy was over last night, and insisted on watching this new show, American Inventor, so we watched it.

The premise from what I gathered is that people parade their inventions in front of 4 judges, and try to get at least 3 of them to say 'yes' to their idea, and win 50 grand, and the chance win 1 million as the winner of the second round.

The opening invention was done by two guys that adapted a pool noodle that you wear on your chest to make it so you have to hold your hands out in front of you to properly catch a football. It was given 3 yes votes, so went on. The crazy energy of these guys made watching them funny. I loved it.

The best by far though, was the last one, where a guy had created an 'Adult Therapy Doll', that hugged you around your neck and sat there I gathered. Imagine a less fuzzy smaller cookie monster. So the idea is that when you get stressed out, you squeeze him, and in a creepy ass Child of the Corn like voice, it hisses, "Everything is going to be alright."

I haven't seen TV that entertaining in a while. I will watch this show next week in the hopes of getting another 5 minutes of that kind of funny.