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Advice of the Day for April 10th 2006!

Posted by phduffy on 2006-04-09 22:12:41
If you're at a sporting event, try not to leave early. Even when it looks like you have no hope.
Why? Well:
a) You look like a bandwagon douchebag
b) It's fun to start chants of "I believe!" when your'e down by 15 runs in the 9th inning
c) Comebacks do happen! Even if down 3 with 3 min to play, the Lacrosse team might come through

Quote of the Day:
Sarah: don't understand why there needs to be handicapped parking at big malls. If people are going to wheel themselves around the mall they can wheel themselves across a parking lot.
Paul: But the handicapped spots need to be bigger for the wheel chairs
Sarah: They can make bigger spots at the back of the lot

Website of the Day:

Palmer's site of the year. A guy and his gf make a bet. He has to get 2 million people to visit his website.
Moderately work safe... I went there at work... no bad pictures or anything, just a discussion that's PG-13.