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My Adventures on the High Seas

Posted by cosmicfish on 2006-04-13 10:06:04
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My Adventures on the High Seas
An article of mystery and humiliation

As many of you know, I was offered a job as a temporary tattoo artist on a cruise ship. The job posting was on I thought, “Why not?” and sent in a half assed cover letter with my resume. A week or so later there was a message on my machine to call back a woman with the company for a phone interview. I called her back, we had a little chat, and I sent her some samples of my work and a scanned copy of my passport photo.

Hi Laura,
We were all very impressed with your talent. We would like to offer you a position with our company. We will have a ship for you in April, possibly April 12 or April 22. I just need you to confirm that you would like the job so that I can email you the medical forms and the uniform request forms. I would start the process of getting your passport and medical done immediately. Please get back to me as soon as possible to confirm that you will be taking the position. Thanks. Ivonne

So I wrote back to confirm and get more details about the job and living conditions. This is so exciting! A job on a cruise ship, yay! Time to buy clothes and go tanning and hang out with all the people I won’t get to see for a long time. So many good things about this job… I tried to remain realistic, but it’s difficult not to get optimistic in certain situations.

A few more emails were exchanged and forms were sent for a uniform and medical exam. They look authentic except for the date in the bottom left hand corner. So I went and got a medical, everything’s peachy, I am healthy and have a neat new job.

Tuesday, April 11th. I woke up and there is no new email from this woman in my inbox. It’s been two weeks, I have left messages and sent a few emails, and I haven’t heard anything. That’s a little dodgy right? Some bad things are adding up in my head:
• funny date on form
• woman who I had been corresponding with had a yahoo address and was very bad at getting back to me about things
• rumors from at least three different sources warning me to be careful, there are plots afoot to abduct women and sell them into the sex trade, sometimes luring them with job offers for cruise ships

I was looking for something that would say they do actually have this tattoo service on the ship, and they do, but it doesn’t say nuEmage anywhere.
Then I also find this on the Carnival site: Important Notice: Recently, we have been made aware of fraudulent advertisements that have appeared in the classified section of newspapers in certain markets around the country concerning cruise ship employment.
The advertisements, which are part of an employment scam, provide a fax number and e-mail address where applicants can send a resume to apply for a shipboard job position. Applicants are contacted via telephone, advised that they have been hired by Carnival Cruise Lines, and asked to wire money to cover the cost of a "uniform deposit," which is then pocketed by the perpetrators of the scam.
I was never asked for money but had to pay $90.00 for a new passport, $150 for two third party physicals and $60.00 for a Hepatitis A shot.

This could all add up to nothing or something, better to be safe than sorry and all that. So I emailed Carnival and nuEmage to see what the dealio was.

Apparently nuEmage is bullshit and Carnival doesn’t get back to me because they are huge and I am little. Either they were trying to abduct me or take my money that I didn’t really have in the first place. This is a pretty embarrassing, but I hope cautionary tale. I am also pissed at myself for getting excited and not figuring it out earlier.

So go ahead and have a little giggle at me now.
  3 forum posts