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Advice of the Day for May 30th 2006

Posted by James H> on 2006-05-30 06:02:19
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For today's advice I thought I would share some words of wisdom from Paul Lieberstein (Toby on the Office):

My Advice Column

Letter: I went out on a date with this guy and everything was going fine, you know. Except for a few awkward pauses I was actually having a good time. And then he raped me. What should I do?

Response: Theres every reason to think things will go much better on your second date: You have more in common now so any awkward pauses in conversation you can quickly fill with talk about the rape. (General note: keep him talking about himself and he'll leave thinking you are the interesting one!)

Quote of the Day:

Fine line

"Everyone likes guys who really, really, really like kids, but no one likes a child molester."

Paul Lieberstein (Toby on the Office)

*Bonus advice [also stolen from Paul Lieberstein (Toby on the Office)]:

Suicide pacts

People should be aware that suicide pacts are non-binding. No one can make you do that to yourself. You can enter into as many as you want, as often as you want. But murder-suicide pacts, those should be entered into extremely carefully.

Site of the Day:
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