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Review: X-Men: The Last Stand

Posted by palmer on 2006-06-16 07:45:38
8 forum posts

* Beast was AWESOME!!! So cool. Way cooler than Nightcrawler. Well, I suppose this is true if you actually like the Beast better than Nightcrawler.
* Decent ending (? if it is?) to the whole mutant vs. human storyline. The 3 movies revolve around it - I can see the next movie just focussing more on one villain (ala James Bond).
* Storm - Hey! She got to speak in this movie!
* Excellent clip after the credits which follows the comics (from what I can remember of them) and opens up the new storyline I think.
* Good action?


* Well, if you're fan of the comic books, then this movie may irk you a little because it goes against comic lore in a few ways. But if you don't read the books, then you will probably find it enjoyable (as many friends have).
* Angel - Come on. Did he even speak in the movie? Way too little screen time. Should have been cut out of the movie.
* More characters like Angel - A slew of characters introduced for little or no reason.
* Juggernaut - Ugh. I don't know...I don't know. In some ways it was cool to see him, in others, he was kinda silly.
* Deaths - Am I spoiling the movie if I say someone dies? So be it. Someone dies. Kind of unnecessary.

It seems that fellow readers on the Wolfshack know their fair share of comic books, so let's talk from that angle.

Unfortunately, the movie blew in terms of what we know of existing storylines. I think the whole Phoenix storyline was lame, especially with Jean just standing there zoned out half the time. I think the movie would have been better if they just ripped that storyline out of the movie and focussed on the whole 'hey, we found a 'cure' for mutants!'

As for characters...Wolverine seems a little too at ease with himself in this one, give him some edge! Also, Rogue, get the heck out of this franchise. You're cool in the comics, not so cool in the movies.

  8 forum posts