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Driving Etiquette Questions

Posted by phduffy on 2006-07-14 10:28:08
5 forum posts
Apart from long weekends, has anyone ever been pulled over on the 401 for speeding? I've seen people pulled over, but never actually heard of someone doing 140 or so getting pulled over.

Why don't people signal? This is damn near the easiest thing in the world to do. I'm pretty patient while driving... I understand that people get lost, and I'll let them in on short notice, etc., but damn does it piss me off when people don't signal.

Last night I'm driving home from Toronton on the 401. I'm in the left lane. There's a person in front of me doing about 100KPH. There's no traffic on our right, she could easily change lanes. She does not.

What is the appropriate response? Do I flash my highbeams, ride her ass, pass on the right, or wait?

I should note that people who pass on the right also piss me off, although I understand that there are scenarios where it may make sense.
  5 forum posts