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Bon Cop Bad Cop

Posted by cosmicfish on 2006-08-20 09:04:58
A dead guy is found hanging over the Ontario/Quebec sign. Ward (Colm Feore), a detective from Toronto, and Bouchard (Patrick Huard) a detective from Montreal are forced to work together. There are heaps of funny jokes about people from Ontario and from Quebec. Feore and Huard are great together, their bilingual bickering is funny for the whole movie.

There are also one or two funny action shots with bad camera work that aren’t supposed to be funny.
The crimes are focused on hockey figures and while I don’t know anything about certain people made fun of I’ve read they are accurate spoofs. Rick Mercer is also in it and hilarious.

I don’t want to say anything else and risk spoiling it. I recommend this if you feel like laughing and/or supporting your countrymen’s excellent filmmaking efforts.
Seven stars out of ten.

For the kids: Bouchard does a little tutorial on how to swear in French. (Seriously though, don’t take kids to see this.)