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Thoughts about Past Lives

Posted by clanders on 2006-09-09 19:50:59
7 forum posts
Does anybody believe in life after death?
If it is true, we are all souls who have lived and died many previous deaths. This may mean that we carry within ourselves many details from previous lives we may have lived.

Fears, for example.

Many people have fears within them, that seem to be unexplainable. The fear of water, for example. Fear of flying. Fear of insects. In an extreme case (and I know this person), fear of loose buttons.

Are these fears learned behaviours developed at a very young age? Or could these fears from within be carried over from a potential past life? Perhaps they very well are. Consider a person with an unexplainable fear of open water. Maybe in a past life, they had drowned.

My point in all this is that if we have lived past lives (and I am not necessarily convinced they exist anyways), then I am sure that each new life we live should serve a purpose, and be different from each previous life.

That said - if each life will be different, and you drowned in your previous life, then I would figure the chances are next to none that you would drown in this life. I am sure 2 lives would not end the same way. That said - what is the point in carrying on an old fear in your new life? Why are people needlessly suffering from irrational fears?

Let go of these useless feelings people!!! Use what we have previously learned and become a better person because of it. There is no need to live a life of unnecessary fears!!
  7 forum posts