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Posted by mike on 2003-11-10 10:35:46
4 forum posts
I wish to formally appologize for the following stuff:

1.) Being an abiguosly speaking quasi-asshole who makes fun of everything without thinking very hard of the possible consequences of his actions.

If this applies to you as it probably does then I am sorry. It has only come to light to me today that this can be as big a problem as it is. I cannot stop being myself, but I can remind everybody that that is the way I am and that they should watch out for it. I swear i really only have good intentions and don't take things very seriously. As a result I can say things in a serious context which I believe are funny and don't really mean for people to take seriously. I say these things working under the assumption that everyone knows who I am and how I behave. This assumption is apparently not a good one since it has recently landed me in hot water.

To be honest I believe that it is genetic for me that I am missing some tiny filter in my brain that is supposed to let people know when they have gone too far. That and I fall asleep very suddenly and at the strangest of times usually with a beer in my hand while sitting down, it has only happenned one time that I can think of while I have been stainding up.
  4 forum posts