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Black Shoes White Socks CD!!

Posted by weberm1 on 2006-09-26 20:35:44
Just wanted to let you guys know, for those of you who know Devin (the boyfriend, for those who haven't met him) and would like to check out the Black Shoes White Socks debut CD, called Stay Together, it is finally out on no record label.

The beauty of the Internet allows it to get to you, if you want it, via snail mail and the wonderful folks over at SoundScapes (near College and Bathurst), who have made some space on their shelves for the little labour of love. It's been a long time coming!

So take some time to peruse the website, its not much but you can get the information on how to purchase the album there. The guys are working hard at getting the live show to the point where it's deserving of your attention and time. When it is ready, an album release bash will be in order. I would love to see your faces there to celebrate! Good times will be had!

So if this is your first time hearing about the album, and odds are it is, lets bring this baby to life! Drop into SoundScapes, hang out (it's such a great little record shop!), enjoy the music and leave with a copy (plus whatever else your heart desires); maybe it will slowly move to the front of the store!!!!

Thanks for the support everyone! (I mean, if there is support!)
oh, also on my space (much to Devin's disgust, but necessary for music, i suppose). You can hear some of the songs here!