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Calling all ladies

Posted by Katie on 2006-09-28 09:04:25
4 forum posts
Hey ladies,

My sister is currently in Korea teaching english, and she is trying to incorporate some games into her teaching.

We were trying to remember some skipping songs, that she can teach to the kids. She remembers one that you sing when skipping double dutch:

The only thing I can remember, though, is :"Dish, D-I-S-H Double dolly, Irish, Spanish, Hopsies" and then if they trip on Double dolly, they keep skipping double dutch, if they trip on Irish, it's two ropes close to the ground, out and in (?) - I can't remember what you do for spanish, and then hopsies was one foot, right? But when you were doing one foot, were you still skipping double dutch? I can't remember. And if you land on Dish you get to pick which one you do. Right?
I have a vague recollection of something about "thread the needle", and maybe "over the mountain?" but don't remember what it was.

I personally don't know what she's talking about there, but if anyone can fill in the blanks that would be great.

I think another one goes like (courtesy of my coworker):

ally ally ally oh, I like the radio, ally ally ally oh, I like you and when you say you, you point to someone and they jump in and skip with you, and then someone else jumps in etc.

And I remember one where you had to run around the people that were turning the rope, but have no idea what the words are.

So, she's really looking for the words and the actions. Does anyone have a better memory than us??

  4 forum posts