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enivronmental madness

Posted by cosmicfish on 2003-11-10 15:42:02
17 forum posts
This is crazy. People are so lazy now we can't get off our asses to return a DVD? If this disposable DVD thing flys it is going to make so much garbage. It take a plastic bag 100 years to decompose and people want to start throwing away DVD's?! I'm sure everyone can agree that this is ridiculous.

Some other alternatives:
Swiffer Sweepers: I couldn't find anything concrete on the internet but all you have to do is think about it. One could use a swiffer and throw away these expensive cloth things away every time you use it or use a regular mop or broom and throw out the dirty water or just the dirt! 
Coffins: Hopefully nobody has to worry about this for a long, long time. However, please consider this wonderful product. They are 100% recyclable! 600 000 caskets are made every year, they have arsenic and formaldehyde in them and we put them in the ground or burn them. If people get mad at smokers we should shake our fists in rage at the dead or the people that put them in these receptacles of poison. Plus these eco-pods are a hell of a lot cheaper then caskets.
For the ladies:
Pads/Tampon: Tampons obviously have less mass then a pad, they are also 100% cotton, while a pad has plastic and adhesive and god knows what else in it. Tampons are better as long as you use the ones with no applicator or paper applicators. Plus they don't feel like you are wearing a huge mofo diaper. There are even more environmentally friendly alternatives, but I don't know anything about them. And I can't tell other people to use them if I don't.
And of course do all that stuff like recycle, re-use grocery bags, plant trees, turn down the heat when you go to bed, yadda yadda, blah. one
  17 forum posts